About Us

Dr. Jeffrey Pike

Dr. Jeffrey Pike graduated Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery and has been in practice in Scardsale, New York for 20 yrs.

Dr. Pike is a member of the American Academy of General Dentistry.

Committed to lifelong learning in the dental field, Dr. Pike participates in numerous hours of continuing education programs each year, most recently focusing on Invisalign as well as cosmetic dentistry. This advanced training allows Dr. Pike to stay abreast of the exciting new advances in modern dentistry to give you a smile that is healthy and looks the way you always imagined it could. Now, you can receive virtually pain-free dental care, often in a less invasive way than ever before.

You can rest assured that while Dr. Pike continues to pursue excellence in dentistry, he also places great emphasis on being an honest, gentle, caring dentist who treats his patients, not just their teeth.

Outside the office, Dr. Pike is an avid golfer and fisherman who spends time with his wife Joann, a PGA golf professional who teaches golf locally, and his daughter.